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An amazing variety of stock. The variety within showroom makes ideas happening within you and you will end up having lovely lights and stuff for interiors and others at way too value for money deal. Cooperative, kind & helpful peoples adds cherry to the cake.

Honey Aggarwal

Truly appreciate a satisfying experience. Solutions across a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. With the largest selection and a wide range of lighting solutions and industrial lighting products. Quality Lighting Fixtures, Hundreds of Possibilities. Best wishes to the Tanat team. All the Best.

Deepak Sharma

TANAT light studio is solution for all your lighting problems.

Amol Joshi


By shopping from our showroom TANAT, you’re not just buying a light fixture. You’re utilizing the experience of trusted partners to help transform your space into your desired outcome.
Our professionals do all this and more while walking you through the largest selection of TANAT products available on display.
We can assist you in many ways including:

  • Offering design and trend consultations
  • Assisting with product size and style selection for various applications
  • Educating on “why” LED lighting
  • Explaining dimming compatibility
  • Answering installation questions
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Who We Are?

TANAT is a family-owned business that guarantees reliability, the best customer service, price matching, and top of the industry quality light fixtures. We are the first choice for residential, commercial and architectural lighting in the Pink City of Rajasthan , Jaipur .We are giving a rewarding shopping experience to our customers in our beautiful 2,000 square foot showroom located in main market of New Aatish Market,Mansarovar in Jaipur. TANAT has built reputation through assisting homeowners, builders and interior designers. At TANANT, we have ideal landscape lighting theme, unique reception area light fixture, a spectacular vintage theme chandelier also a beautiful colourful light for your child’s bedroom. Every ceiling light, wall light, lamp, outdoor light, decorative accent, landscape lighting item and accessory is guaranteed to offer the best quality and performance for a lifetime. Make your place glow with TANAT, and find decorative lamps and light fixtures designed to fulfill your designer intuition. Go traditional, go transitional, go LED, or be unique but make sure you get the best quality and value for a lifetime of illumination. Whether you are searching for the FANCY, DECORATIVE and INTERIOR Lighting.. we are one stop solution for all. TANAT pledges its loyalty to all of our customers by ensuring them the best quality of service and lighting fixtures on the market. Come and visit us in our new showroom where we are offering New Light Experience with the vision of “Lighting Every Door “